As at July 23, 2021Show prices

SaskWorks Diversified (Class A - Series A) 21.2782

SaskWorks Diversified (Class A - Series F) 24.0790

SaskWorks Resources (Class R - Series A) 11.5971

SaskWorks Resources (Class R - Series F) 12.4625

News in February, 2019

Steel Reef Infrastructure Corp. (“Steel Reef”) is pleased to announce that it has raised an aggregate of $90.5 million from Canadian and international investors, including investment funds managed by PFM Capital Inc. (“PFM”) and InstarAGF Asset Management (“InstarAGF”) alongside its institutional co-investors. A total of 36,203,111 common shares of Steel Reef were issued at a price of $2.50 per share. The proceeds will be used to support Steel Reef’s continuing growth. All amounts are in Canadian dollars…

As of 9:00 AM CST on February 4, 2019, SaskWorks Venture Fund Inc. (the “Fund” or “SaskWorks”) has reached its annual thirty-five million-dollar (CDN) ($35,000,000.00) fundraising limit and is fully-subscribed for 2018 tax year-eligible investment. Under The Labour-sponsored Venture Capital Corporations Act and the Income Tax Act (Canada), the Fund is required to decline subscriptions received subsequent to the Fund’s annual limit being reached and return them to sales representatives unaccepted…

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