Payroll Investment Plan

As at June 23, 2017

SaskWorks Diversified (Class A - Series A) $17.6803 SaskWorks Resources (Class R - Series A) $11.3422

SaskWorks Diversified (Class A - Series F) $18.2853 SaskWorks Resources (Class R - Series F) $11.6449

For Investors

Payroll Deduction Makes Purchasing SaskWorks Venture Fund Shares Easy

A bi-weekly SaskWorks Venture Fund investment of $100 could cost you less than $20*

It’s true. When you join SaskWorks Venture Fund’s Payroll Investment Plan, your bi-weekly contribution of $100 could cost you less than $20 each pay period. And in one year you would invest $2,600 in your RRSP.*

Here’s how SaskWorks Venture Fund makes it work.

If you are a Saskatchewan resident and are eligible for RRSP contributions, you can take advantage of SaskWorks Venture Fund’s Payroll Investment Plan.
When you invest in SaskWorks Venture Fund, you are eligible for a 35% combined federal and provincial tax credit, plus you are entitled to all the benefits of a regular RRSP tax saving. Usually you would receive all these savings when you file your taxes, but with SaskWorks Venture Fund’s Payroll Investment Plan you receive these savings each payday.

Here’s a step-by-step analysis based on two sample incomes: $38,000 and $76,000.

Actual Net Cost of $100 Bi-Weekly Payroll Deduction

SAMPLE INCOME LEVELS $38,000*** $76,000***
Sample Investment $100/pay period $100/pay period
RRSP tax savings (Note 1) $26/pay period $33.50/pay period
Federal and provincial tax credit (Note 2) $35 $35
Total savings $61 $68.5
Your after-tax cost of $100 investment $39 $31.50
Net cost of $2,600 investment after tax credits and RRSP deduction $1,014 $819
* Based on a 35% tax credit and approximate tax savings with an RRSP contribution for a person in the highest marginal tax bracket (income $202,800 and higher using the 2017 taxable income tax tables.).
** The example of $100 per month is issued for simplification of calculations. Amounts withdrawn from an RRSP are taxable at the time of withdrawal. Investors may invest from $500 to $5,000 per year for tax credits.
*** Tax savings will vary by taxable income. Consult your tax advisor.
Note 1 Estimated tax reduction from a contribution to an RRSP for individuals with taxable income range as shown. Amounts withdrawn from an RRSP are taxable at the time of withdrawal.
Note 2 Tax credits equal to 35% of the amount of your investment are available whether or not you hold your investment in an RRSP.

Sector Allocation of Current Portfolio

SaskWorks’ diversification efforts have resulted in portfolios that are well-balanced among Saskatchewan’s key sectors. Since inception, the fund has remained focused on its mandate to invest in those industries driving Saskatchewan’s economy: manufacturing/industrials, value-added agriculture and energy, with an emphasis on management buy-out transactions.


*Venture investment portfolio (Diversified Share Class) as at August 31, 2016



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