Steel Reef Infrastructure Corp
Sector: Oil & Gas Services
Investment: $5,300,000
Share Class: Diversified, Resources
Bruin Oil & Gas Ltd.
Sector: Oil & Gas Exploration and Production
Investment: $5,300,000
Share Class: Diversified; Resources
Kensington Flats Development LP
Sector: Real Estate
Investment: $2,048,000
Share Class: Diversified

Investing in Saskatchewan Works


What is SaskWorks Venture Fund?

Tax Efficient
SaskWorks Venture Fund is a mutual fund. Like any mutual fund, individual investors purchase shares in a professionally-managed pool of assets. Unlike most mutual funds, investors in SaskWorks receive a 30% tax credit in addition to their RRSP tax deferral.

Access to Saskatchewan-based Private Companies
SaskWorks Venture Fund uses its assets to invest in small- and medium-sized Saskatchewan companies. Since its inception, the Fund has provided a unique opportunity for Saskatchewan residents to keep their investment dollars at home, helping to grow local companies and creating jobs in our province.

Investors Choice
The Fund is divided into two share classes: Diversified (Class A) and Resources (Class R). Investors may choose to place 100% of their investment dollars in one of the share classes or divide their investment between the two by any allocation they choose.

SaskWorks Share Classes

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