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As at January 17, 2020

SaskWorks Diversified (Class A - Series A) $21.4368 SaskWorks Resources (Class R - Series A) $11.3339

SaskWorks Diversified (Class A - Series F) $23.5840 SaskWorks Resources (Class R - Series F) $11.9533

Management Team

As one of Saskatchewan’s largest venture capital and private equity managers, our team has a proven track record – not only in building long-term growth for investors, but also for job creation. Our team is leading the way to a stronger Saskatchewan by focusing on community goals.

The SaskWorks management team is led by President and Chief Executive Officer, Randy Beattie; Chief Financial Officer and Vice President, Rob Duguid; Vice President, Chris Selness; Chief Compliance Officer, Mike Merth; Chief Investment Officer, Jeff Linner; and Chief Operating Officer, Eric Clark.

PFM Capital Inc., the manager of SaskWorks, also manages Apex Investment Fund, Prairie Ventures Limited Partnership, Top Soil, and the Saskatchewan Entrepreneurial Fund. This breadth of activity means the managers at SaskWorks Venture Fund have an unparalleled ability to engage in larger, late stage organizations that carry a lower degree of risk. This also allows us to effectively participate in follow-on investment activity as our investee companies succeed and grow. Just as we view effective management teams as a key success factor in our investee companies, we also believe that our own management team is the strongest in Western Canada.

You’ve seen the indicators of success. Now let’s meet the team of dedicated professionals that makes SaskWorks Venture Fund work.


Randy Beattie, President & Chief Executive Officer

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Randy Beattie serves as President and Chief Executive Officer for SaskWorks Venture Fund Inc. Mr. Beattie is President and founding partner of PFM Capital. Through his career, Mr. Beattie has developed nearly thirty years of extensive experience in all facets of private equity and venture capital management, including investment management, fundraising and investor relations, governance and fund operations. Mr. Beattie is the President and CEO of SaskWorks Venture Fund Inc., Prairie Ventures Fund LP, Saskatchewan Entrepreneurial Fund, Apex Investment LP, and Apex II Investment Fund LP.

Mr. Beattie holds a number of directorships for PFM’s portfolio companies including, Factory Optical, Hospitality Network, and Hi-Tec Profiles Inc. Furthermore, Mr. Beattie is an entrenched member of Saskatchewan’s business community, having developed a broad network of local colleagues and major stakeholders. Beyond his duties at PFM, he is a board member for Chamber Insurance Corporation of Canada, Junior Achievement and the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club, the Chair of the Saskatchewan Financial Literacy Network and is a former Chair of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce.


Rob Duguid, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

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Rob Duguid serves as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for SaskWorks Venture Fund Inc. Mr. Duguid is the Chief Executive Officer and founding partner of PFM Capital. Mr. Duguid formally joining the firm in 2003 from Crown Capital Partners, where he served as a partner from 2000-2003. Prior to his position at Crown Capital, Mr. Duguid was Vice President of Investments with the Saskatchewan Government Growth Fund Management Corporation (SGGF), a $155 million immigrant investor fund, one of the largest of such funds in Canada.

Over a long career in private equity and venture capital that began in the early 1990s, Mr. Duguid has developed a deep understanding of private investment management. As CEO of PFM and an officer of all of investment funds that PFM manages, Mr. Duguid is particularly focused on PFM’s portfolio management and decision-making. He also holds a number of directorship positions for portfolio companies including Steel Reef Infrastructure Corp., Auctus Property Fund LP, StorageVault Canada Inc. and the All-Fab Group of Companies.

Chris Selness, CFA, MBA, Vice President

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Chris Selness serves as Vice President Investments for SaskWorks Venture Fund Inc. Mr. Selness has spent over 16 years in the private equity industry at PFM and Crown Capital Partners, in addition to a vast array of experience working within the investment field for over 25 years. Mr. Selness was previously an executive of Crown Life Insurance Company and Canada Life Assurance Company, playing an integral role in the transition of Canada Life’s acquisition of Crown Life.

Mr. Selness is actively involved, and holds directorships in a number of PFM’s portfolio companies, particularly those within the agricultural sector where he possesses an intimate knowledge. Mr. Selness is the President and CEO of TopSoil Farm Land Management and TopSoil II Farm Land Management which manages farm land in Saskatchewan for individual and institutional investors.


Mike Merth, CPA, CA, CMA, Chief Compliance Officer

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Mike Merth serves as Chief Compliance Officer for SaskWorks Venture Fund Inc. Mr. Merth is Chief Financial Officer and partner of PFM Capital. Mr. Merth joined PFM in 2004 and has led the accounting departments of several private equity funds for the past 20 years, including his current role as the CFO for PFM Capital and previously for Crown Capital Partners and SGGF. As CFO at PFM, Mr. Merth is responsible for the accounting processes and controls of the firm and its investment funds under management, including cash management, budgeting, other financial-driven supporting functions to the investment team.

Eric Clark, CFA, Chief Operations Officer

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Eric Clark serves as Chief Operations Officer for SaskWorks Venture Fund Inc and is Chief Operations Officer and partner of PFM Capital. Mr. Clark joined PFM in 2010 and as the head of Business Development is responsible for the creation and implementation of the firm’s fundraising and deal origination functions. Mr. Clark’s role touches on a number of key areas of the firm including investor relations and fund compliance, with particular focus on managing stakeholder relationships.

Mr. Clark is a member of the board of directors of the Regina Chamber of Commerce, the Saskatchewan Capital Network and the Canadian Venture Capital Association (CVCA).


Jeff Linner, CFA, CBV, Chief Investment Officer

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Jeff Linner serves as Chief Investment Officer for SaskWorks Venture Fund Inc and PFM Capital, having joined the firm in 2009. Mr. Linner has served in the Private Equity industry in Saskatchewan for 15 years where he has held a number of positions, including Vice President at Crown Capital Partners.

With his tenure in the private equity industry, Mr. Linner brings to PFM depth of experience in both portfolio and fund management. As CIO, Mr. Linner is responsible for managing the firm’s investment team, implementation of the investment strategy and overseeing all major investment decision-making. Mr. Linner serves on the board of such portfolio companies as Hi-Tec Profiles Inc., Hospitality Network, and All-Fab Group of Companies. He is also on the board of the Regina Food Bank and is a former President of CFA Saskatchewan.


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