As at January 28, 2022Show prices

SaskWorks Diversified (Class A - Series A) 23.0821

SaskWorks Diversified (Class A - Series B) 23.1965

SaskWorks Diversified (Class A - Series F) 26.3960

SaskWorks Resources (Class R - Series A) 16.0163

SaskWorks Resources (Class R - Series B) 16.1450

SaskWorks Resources (Class R - Series F) 16.4979

News in June, 2017

STORAGEVAULT CANADA INC. (“StorageVault” or the “Corporation”) (TSX VENTURE:SVI), along with certain shareholders of the Corporation, announced today that they have entered into an agreement with a syndicate of underwriters to sell, on a bought deal basis, 50,944,000 common shares (the “Shares”) of the Corporation. The offering consists of 32,076,000 common shares from treasury (the “Treasury Shares”) and 18,868,000 common shares sold on a secondary basis (the “Secondary Shares”) from SaskWorks Venture Fund Inc. and APEX II Investment Fund Limited Partnership (collectively, the “Selling Shareholders”) each of which are managed by PFM Capital Inc. through its related entities PFM Venture Capital Operations Inc. and PFM Fund Operations Inc. (collectively, “PFM Capital”)…

TORONTO, June 26, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — STORAGEVAULT CANADA INC. (“StorageVault”) (TSX-V:SVI) is pleased to announce the following: (1) the acquisition of one store in the Greater Montreal Area; and (2) it is in negotiations to finalize a Purchase Agreement with Access Self Storage Inc. (“Access”), a major shareholder of StorageVault, to purchase six stores for $34.2 million that are located in Toronto, Ontario, and in multiple cities in Quebec and Nova Scotia…

TORONTO, June 06, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — STORAGEVAULT CANADA INC. (“StorageVault”) (TSX-V:SVI) is pleased to announce the following: (1) it has waived the due diligence conditions and all other initial conditions on the Sentinel Storage $396.6 million portfolio purchase; (2) it will not move forward with the $15 million Montreal acquisition announced on March 10, 2017; and (3) it has entered into a purchase agreement to acquire three stores in Kamloops for $5,825,000…

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