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Premium Spray Products™ Receives CCMC Listing For Foamsulate™ ECO Spray Foam System in Canada Premium (PSP) and Hesterman (HTS) join forces to create Premium Spray Products Canada

MARIETTEA, GA — February 4, 2011 — Premium Spray Products in Marietta, Georgia and HTS Hesterman Technical Services of Regina,

Saskatchewan are proud to announce that they have joined forces. This strategic alliance will provide the spray foam technology synergies and purchasing economies that will bring significant advantages to customers across North America.

The two companies bring decades of experience to form a North American polyurethane foam systems formulator, innovator, and marketer.


Premium Spray Products has significant (over 100 years) experience in its management group in the polyurethane foam industry. Mr. Mac Hess, CEO, states that “the combined company will create customer value for the North American market with leading technology and quality while being customer focused.” Mr. Leon Scott, General Manager of HTS, adds that “the Canadian group is excited about the joint production facility in Atlanta and the ability for improved chemistry specific to cold weather performance.”

The two companies will combine brands with Premium Spray Products and HTS will become Premium Spray Products Canada. They will operate as two distinct business units but will complement each other to maximize the benefits that can be offered to the marketplace.

The unified efforts will provide these key benefits:

PSP has obtained Canadian CCMC listing for their new Foamsulatetm ECO spray foam product that utilizes significant amounts of rapidly renewable polyols as well as pre and post consumer recycled materials. Introductory customer trials have shown great market acceptance and satisfaction with excellent cold weather performance. This indicates Premium?s commitment to environmental responsibility while maintaining superior performance.

Premium is also excited to introduce a full scale Roofing Program with its PremiSealTM and PremiCoteTM lines including spray foam, coatings, superior warranties, and marketing. This program has been designed to re-energize and support the spray roof industry.

About Premium Spray Products, Inc.
Premium Spray Products manufactures spray foam systems for use in homes, office buildings, institutions, and agricultural structures. They are known for their Foamsulate™ brand of closed-cell and open-cell foam systems.

Premium Spray Products utilizes renewable and environmentally friendly products where possible and are dedicated to providing their SPF Contractor base the “green” products their customers now demand.

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