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January 17, 2017

Orange Tree Village Now Open

Orange Tree Village Now Open

Orange Tree Living – We believe in living life to the fullest

Orange Tree Living, recently identified by the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce as a finalist for the 2016 ABEX Award for Growth & Expansion, understands that the move to a care home can be a major life transition. To help residents ease into this life changing transition, Orange Tree Living offers Intergenerational living.

This unique concept provides all Orange Tree Living residents the opportunity to continue to live within a community. Orange Tree Village blends families, children, seniors and students in one community. This enhances the relationships and understanding between generations, which ultimately benefits all residents.

The experience is similar to a large family gathering and offers a very genuine feeling of belonging.

“Intergenerational living embraces the concept of building relationships across generations, enriching both the young and old through meaningful experiences and connections,” said owner and President Crystal Spooner.  “It’s about fostering a village-like environment, where generations aren’t segmented from one another, but rather form an integrated community that learns, thrives, and finds purpose together.”

At Orange Tree Living, employees with expertise in early childhood education, senior living, and community programming collaborate to create intergenerational programming that facilitates interaction among intergenerational participants.

“With our Intergenerational living concept we are able to create positive relationships,” said Crystal.  “It integrates people of all ages to share life under one roof and that provides long-term benefits for both seniors and children.”

All residents benefit from Intergenerational living as it strategically blends families, seniors, children and students in a community, which enhances understanding of one another.

“Seniors who volunteer with and learn alongside younger generations increase their overall physical activity and improve their mental health,” said Crystal. “Children also benefit from additional individualized attention they may not receive at other learning and care centers, which helps to develop compassion for older adults.”

It is important to note that Orange Tree seniors are able to design their own active retirement lifestyle. Surrounded by friends and neighbours of all ages and walks of life makes the transition to the Orange Tree community seamless.

“Our seniors are able to choose from a variety of social, educational and physical activities in a safe and vibrant community-centered environment,” said Crystal.  “We believe our seniors are the heart and soul of Orange Tree Living.”

According to Crystal Intergenerational living at Orange Tree brings people of various age groups together on a daily basis.

This unique environment allows seniors to cultivate and enjoy enriching, meaningful relationships with people of younger generations, helping seniors to continue to feel connected with their community.

“As with any positive relationship comes a greater engagement and purpose,” said Crystal. “When seniors have the opportunity to form intergenerational relationships, they can share their knowledge and valuable experience with children and youth.”

Making meaningful contributions to others can be as simple as sharing their time with a child who is learning to read. Even the simplest of gestures or activities, adds to an increased sense of purpose in everyone’s day.

Intergenerational relationships also provide seniors with ongoing opportunities to grow, try new things, and help others.

When their positive impact on youth is tangible, seniors feel validated, useful, respected, and needed. This cultivates confidence and a growing sense of self-worth and self-esteem during their golden years.

For children, their self-esteem and confidence grows with the attention and encouragement they receive from seniors. Through these meaningful interactions children find new ways to learn, explore and generally feel good about themselves.

In this special living environment, residents don’t have to rely on just scheduled programming to create engaging experiences as many of the seniors serve as teachers and mentors to children and students.

“Orange Tree Living is bringing new life to long-term care homes and senior services in Regina,” said Crystal. “We offer independent living, assisted living and care homes for every stage of retirement.”

Most importantly, Crystal and her caring team of experts assist with personalized planning to ensure each resident gets the most out of their Orange Tree living experience.

“All residents enjoy the comforts of home with friends, family and caring professional staff,” said Crystal. “We offer options such as large living spaces for individuals or couples, housekeeping, transportation and home-cooked meals as well as personalized health monitoring including visits with physicians and clinical staff.”

As a member of the community, Orange Tree Living also opens its doors to the greater Regina community through their Learning Centers. Presently they offer a wide range programming and social events to both residents and others in the neighbourhood.

“Independent seniors look for opportunities to get out and get active,” said Crystal. “Our programs offer safe, yet vibrant environments for seniors to connect with friends and neighbours from around the City.”

“We also understand that intergenerational programming increases seniors’ physical activity, strength and energy,” added Crystal. “Older adults who volunteer live longer and have better physical and mental health.”

When you or a family member is looking to transition to a quality care home, look no further than Orange Tree Living, where independence, support, and community meet.

For more detailed information on the various living options Orange Tree Living offers their residents visit their website at If you have a question or want to make an appointment, email or phone at 1-306-515-4727.

Orange Tree Village

Orange Tree Village Orange Tree Village Orange Tree Village Orange Tree Village Orange Tree Village

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