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February 20, 2020

PFM Capital Announces Investment into Biktrix Enterprises Inc.

Regina, Saskatchewan – PFM Capital Inc., on behalf of SaskWorks Venture Fund Inc. (“SaskWorks”), is pleased to announce a strategic investment in Biktrix Enterprises Inc. (“Biktrix” or the “Company”). The investment will provide the Company with growth capital and was made through SaskWorks Venture Fund.

“PFM is excited to partner with Biktrix as it continues to grow its business,” commented Jason Moser, Partner and Director of Investments at PFM Capital Inc. “We believe our investment will help the Company achieve its strategic goals and succeed in the fast-growing electric bike market.”

Biktrix is a Saskatoon based custom electric bike designer and manufacturer, founded in 2014 by the CEO, Roshan Thomas. The Company has grown significantly since its inception by utilizing a direct-to-consumer business model that emphasizes better value for their customers. Biktrix currently employs more than 20 people at their assembly facility and showroom in Saskatoon with plans to expand operations with PFM’s investment.

“Biktrix is very excited to partner with PFM to take our growth to the next level. Over the past years, our team of customer experience professionals, engineers, digital marketers, technicians and technologists have helped Biktrix consistently see double digit growth year-over-year. This new partnership with PFM will help fuel our exponential growth plans in terms of corporate growth and distribution. It is an exciting time for all of us at Biktrix” commented Roshan Thomas, founder and CEO at Biktrix.

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For more information, please contact:
Diana Hilderman, Communications Manager
PFM Capital Inc.
P: 306-541-8677 E:

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PFM Capital is Saskatchewan’s largest private equity investment firm with over $800 million in assets under management across several funds. Based in Regina, PFM’s niche focus allows investors to benefit from the Prairies’ economic strengths by taking advantage of the firm’s established local contact network and long-term track record. PFM Capital is employee-owned and has been managing private equity and venture capital funds since 1993.

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