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SaskWorks Diversified (Class A - Series A) - NAV: 24.31, YTD: 5.61

SaskWorks Diversified (Class A - Series B) - NAV: 25.16, YTD: 9.10

SaskWorks Diversified (Class A - Series F) - NAV: 28.13, YTD: 7.04

SaskWorks Resources (Class R - Series A) - NAV: 20.98, YTD: 39.69

SaskWorks Resources (Class R - Series B) - NAV: 22.71, YTD: 51.16

SaskWorks Resources (Class R - Series F) - NAV: 21.25, YTD: 36.43

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December 12, 2011

WestFire Announces Redwater Viking Asset Acquisition and 2012 Operating Plan

CALGARY, Alberta, (December 12, 2011) WestFire Energy Ltd. (“WestFire” or the “Company”)
(TSX:WFE) is pleased to announce that it has completed an asset acquisition in its core Viking area at Redwater, Alberta. The Board of Directors has also approved an operating plan focused on the development of its considerable Viking light oil resources in 2012.
Redwater Viking Acquisition.

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