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SaskWorks Diversified (Class A - Series A) - 25.5933

SaskWorks Diversified (Class A - Series B) - 26.8755

SaskWorks Diversified (Class A - Series F) - 30.0458

SaskWorks Resources (Class R - Series A) - 23.0329

SaskWorks Resources (Class R - Series B) - 26.6159

SaskWorks Resources (Class R - Series F) - 23.7960

Board of Directors

The following is a brief biographical description, including principal occupation for the last five years, of the directors and officers of the Fund:

Brent Banda

Brent Banda is the President of Banda Marketing, a Saskatoon-based strategic marketing and business planning firm. Prior to launching the company in 1997, Mr. Banda earned an MBA from the University of Saskatchewan and taught as an Assistant Professor at St. Francis Xavier University (Nova Scotia, Canada) in the areas of advertising, professional sales and marketing management. As a complement to his consulting work, Mr. Banda has volunteered on a number of boards in both the social services and business sectors, including Family Service Saskatoon, the North Saskatoon Business Association, and the Saskatoon Club. Mr. Banda serves as the vice-chair of SaskWorks’ board of directors.

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